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Outdoor Fire Pump

Fire pumps have a wide range of uses. In addition to providing water for fire-fighting pipeline systems, they can also be used in industrial water supply. Fire pumps can also be used in urban water supply and drainage systems. There are other relatively long-distance water supply work, such as heating boilers, bathroom boilers, hot and cold water circulation pressurization of multi-stage fire pump boilers, etc.

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1. There are different types of fire pumps, which are also to meet the needs of different places. Fire pumps have different structural forms, so that suitable structures can be found in different places, thus meeting the needs of different users. , whether it is in public places or mobile places, it can be well applied.​
2. The fire pump is a kind of equipment successfully developed using advanced technology and polymer materials, and also uses a lot of high-tech means, so it has many characteristics such as high efficiency and cleanliness, good safety sealing, corrosion resistance, etc. Which feature guarantees the service life of the product, and can also better help solve unexpected problems.​
3. The fire pump is a product used to supplement the water source, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire, so it can ensure the supply of a large amount of fire extinguishing raw materials when a fire occurs, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire, which can help reduce the economy. loss.


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