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Better Technology Co., Ltd. to undertake the Sichuan Panzhihua Yanbian County fishery Gate Town Sewage Treatment project integrated prefabricated pumping station set

Sichuan Panzhihua Yanbian County Fishery Gate Town Project is the key project of Panzhihua Yanbian County Sewage treatment, since the start of construction, scientific organization, careful construction, successfully completed the construction of the Yanbian County sewage pipe Network, the formation of urban framework layout has laid a solid foundation.

integrated prefabricated pumping station
Sichuan Panzhihua Yanbian County Town Sewage Treatment project will meet the surrounding villagers on sewage discharge, treatment of centralized collection and treatment requirements. specifically to solve the problem of centralized sewage collection and treatment. Through this project, it can be seen that: in the sewage discharge is not concentrated, there is no special sewage treatment Plant Township, Better technology integrated pumping station can also play its own function. "We co-ordinate the integrated pumping station project, to create an integrated pumping station, to allow users to use peace of mind, rest assured." This stems from the commitment of Better Technology Co., Ltd. to fully integrated prefabricated pumping station brands. Pump group-high performance, high efficiency and no blockage, according to customer demand, Zhejiang bei integrated pumping station equipped with 3 submersible pumps.

In order to make the project fast and effective safety construction, Better Technology Co., Ltd. will send engineers to the site to supervise the installation, to ensure that the integrated pumping station installation is correct, all piping and electrical connections in place. In this construction process, the project duration of Better technology is about one months. Compared with the traditional concrete pumping station can save more manpower and material resources.

Better Technology Co., Ltd. is a design, development, manufacture and sales of general fluid equipment professional company, with a number of custom-made integrated prefabricated pumping station models, the company and the Korean modern pump industry, Japan Teraoka Co., Ltd. and other foreign pump valve companies strong technical cooperation, the introduction of advanced level of design, development and enterprise management model, and long-term recruitment of domestic and foreign pump valve experts for the company to carry out technical guidance. March 2014 with Zhejiang University of Technology signed a five-year pump product design and technical service contract, the company as the Zhejiang University of Technology Industrial Pump Research Institute of Scientific and Technological achievements transformation base, for the company's new product development and technological progress to lay a solid foundation.

We are based in Zhejiang, as a Quzhou integrated prefabricated pumping station manufacturers, has always been in the one step at solid development.

The intelligent control system of Better technology integrated pumping station adopts the display of Touchable friendly interface, which has both close operation keys and remote monitoring of computer operation. Dedicated to integrated pumping station control. In addition to monitoring the operation of the pump, but also control the valve, grille and liquid level controller, to achieve an integrated pumping station unattended, fully automatic control.

Integrated Pumping Station parameters:

Cylinder diameter 3000mm, height 5030mm, dual use

Q=31 h=36 n=75kw. Remote communication of control cabinets.

With crushing character Grille

China's Better Technology Co., Ltd. integration prefabricated pumping station, drink your consultation purchase.