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outdoor fire pump set


3-20 Bar
Speed :
2900 r/min
50 Hz or 60 Hz
Product Overview
Product Overview
We proudly introduce the Outdoor Fire Pump Set, an outstanding dual-power fire pump product. Its advantage lies in providing a more reliable way to ensure water safety in the event of a fire.

The Outdoor Fire Pump Set operates with the electric pump set when the power supply is normal. However, in case of power failure that prevents the electric fire pump from functioning properly, the diesel engine fire pump set automatically starts to ensure the smooth progress of fire extinguishing operations. The diesel engine fire pump set is equipped with various automatic functions that meet the required standards, ensuring long-term standby readiness and the ability to engage in firefighting operations at any time.

The Outdoor Fire Pump Set is suitable for various locations that require emergency backup pumps. Whether it is an industrial facility or a commercial building, our dual-power water supply equipment meets your needs.

We strictly adhere to the production standards of Part 5 "Dual-Power Water Supply Equipment for Fixed Fire Water Supply Equipment" in GB 27898.5-2011, ensuring the high quality and performance of our products.

By choosing our Enclosed Soundproof Fire Pump, you will have a reliable and efficient dual-power water supply equipment that provides peace of mind and assurance for your firefighting operations.

Fire pumps are essential safety equipment utilized in various application environments to ensure an adequate water supply for controlling fires and safeguarding lives and property. These environments include:

1.Buildings and High-Rise Structures: Fire pumps are crucial for ensuring adequate water pressure and flow in emergency situations, especially in large commercial and residential buildings.

2.Industrial Facilities: Factories, manufacturing plants, and chemical facilities rely on robust fire pump systems to protect equipment, materials, and personnel from fire hazards.

3.Oil Fields and Petrochemical Plants: Fire pumps play a critical role in addressing fires caused by oil and chemical spills in oil fields, refineries, and chemical plants.

4.Transportation Hubs: Airports, ports, train stations, and public transit centers require fire pumps to ensure the safety of a large number of people and protect critical infrastructure.

5.Energy Production: Power plants, nuclear facilities, and renewable energy installations use fire pumps to safeguard power generation equipment and energy supplies.

6.Specialized Environments: Certain applications may involve hazardous gases, explosion risks, or unique challenges, necessitating specially designed fire pumps to adapt to these conditions.

7.Maritime and Shipping: Ships, oil tankers, and offshore platforms rely on fire pumps to handle fires that may occur at sea.
Let's explore its wide range of applications and exceptional benefits:

1.Ignite Fire Safety: From fire hydrants to sprinkler systems, the Outdoor Fire Pump Set provides reliable water supply to ensure the effective operation of these crucial fire safety devices. Don't compromise on fire suppression—choose the pump set that delivers optimal performance.
2.Boost Performance, Enhance Safety: Whether it's boosting water pressure or stabilizing fire protection systems, this pump set excels in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your firefighting infrastructure. Count on its robust capabilities to elevate your fire safety measures.
3.Safeguard Homes and Communities: Residential areas and communities deserve top-notch fire protection. The Outdoor Fire Pump Set ensures the safety of lives and properties by providing a comprehensive firefighting solution tailored to residential needs. Trust in its power to combat fires effectively.
4.Empower Industries and Businesses: Industrial and commercial buildings demand robust fire safety measures. The Outdoor Fire Pump Set rises to the challenge, ensuring optimal fire suppression capabilities for warehouses, factories, office complexes, and other similar structures. Protect your business with confidence.
5.Elevate Fire Safety Standards: High-risk environments such as oil depots, loading docks, and logistics parks require exceptional fire protection. The Outdoor Fire Pump Set meets and exceeds these stringent requirements, providing the necessary water pressure and flow rate to combat fires effectively. Embrace a new level of fire safety.
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Containerised Fire Pump Set
Containerised Fire Pump Set
15-4800 GPM
1.5-16 Bar