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diesel engine driven self priming pump for irrigation
Working principle and scope of application of diesel engine self-priming pump
Self-priming diesel water pump Machine Also known as diesel engine driven non-blocking pump, it is mainly used for a wide range of purposes such as municipal sewage and flood control projects, garden irrigation, industrial drainage, and sewage disposal. The principle of the self-priming pump of the diesel engine is to use the flow velocity of the water. The impeller drives the pump impeller to pump water onto the river bank. The diesel engine can be pumped by throwing it into the river, but it must be in an emergency or where there is a drop.
mobile diesel water pump
The advantages of mobile diesel engine pump - Better Technology CO., LTD.
Since the operation of the mobile diesel water pump is inseparable from electricity, the scene of the drought-resistant flooding accident often makes the power supply self-enclosed.
4 cylinder self-priming diesel pump
Overview of diesel self-priming pumps
The diesel self-priming pump does not need to be filled before starting (the water needs to be filled after the first start of installation). After a short period of operation, the water can be absorbed and put into normal operation according to the action of the diesel self-priming pump itself.
XBC3-30-100W fire fighting package set
What are the characteristics and technical requirements for manual inspection of fire pumps?
The fire inspection mode shall have the function of automatic switching during fire and ensure that the pump shall not be automatically stopped after the fire pump is started. When the fire pump is extinguished, the patrol signal should not respond. During the self-inspection of the fire pump, if the fire operation command is encountered, the self-checking action should be interrupted immediately, the solenoid valve on the bypass line should be closed and confirmed, and the self-test should be forcibly stopped. The system automatically transfers the fire pump to the normal (power frequency) wo
Diesel double suction pump
Analysis of the Causes of Excessive Temperature of Diesel Engine Fire Pump
The engine cooling system of the diesel fire pump uses a double closed loop heat exchanger.
Booster pump set
Can the booster pump be used if there is insufficient tap water pressure?
The fire water supply pressure booster pump complete sets of equipment is the equipment for the firefighting project. The main function is to maintain the firefighting pressure of the fire extinguishing pipe network. When a fire alarm is opened, the fire extinguishing equipment can immediately spray the solid water column, and the alarm linkage starts the large fire pump. Win the initial fire extinguishing time of more than 30 seconds until the full load of the fire main pump is started. Because the equipment can maintain the pressure of the pipe network at all times, the pipe network does not
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