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XBC-S Diesel Fire Pump

Diesel Engine Split Case Fire Pump 100LPS

250-10000 GPM
3-16 Bar
11-1000 kw
Frequency:50 or 60 Hz
working pressure:
2.5 MPa
Product Overview
Technical Data
Product Overview
  Better( China)Technology Co, LTD. manufactured diesel driven fire pump manufactured according to GB6245-2006 fire pump design. Meets the latest certification CCCF requirements and obtain the certificate. The products' advantage is that when there's fire, power failure and the electric fire pump can't work properly, diesel fire pump automatically put into operation to ensure fire fighting normally; Second, compared with the advantages of electric fire pump, diesel engine pump doesn't need long-term investment in power supply, saving electricity supply transformer and normal expenses. Diesel Fire Pump configure various automatic functions to meet the requirements of national standards to ensure the long-term normal standby equipment, ready to work at any time.
The fire fighting pump systems also apply to other emergent and standby occasions.

 Hotels, hospitals, gymnasium and other public places;
Chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, energy, medicine and military and other enterprises;
Shopping malls, similar to Wanda complex;
Office buildings, high-end residential buildings;

Environmental and Working Conditions
Ambient temperature:
Ambient temperature range 4℃-40℃.
Working to improve the ambient temperature every 5℃, its power decreased by 1%(to 25℃ as the base);
Reference elevation 91.4m, the reference atmospheric pressure is 100KPa;
If the work to an altitude of over 1000m, reference should be corrected GB1105 1-1987 diesel engine power, you can consult the specific technical department;
Relative humidity ≤80% (20℃), outdoor allow 90% (when installed outdoors in the order presented, you can choose to configure the outdoor structure, protection class IP55).

The Scope of Work
Water pressure: 0. 2-2.5MPa (20~250 meters);
Flow range: 5-1200L/S
Power: 3kW~2000kW;
Speed range: 1500~3200r/min
Permissible media: Drinking water, chilled water, fire water, and other impurities without abrasive or long-fiber impurities and no chemical or mechanical pump for corrosive media.
Allow the maximum medium temperature 70℃, the maximum ambient temperature of 40℃;
Maximum allowable working pressure of 1.6MPa, the maximum inlet pressure 0.6MPa.

XBC-S Type Pump Installation Dimension Darwing Table

Technical Data
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XBC-S Diesel Engine Split Case  Fire Pump
XBC-S Diesel Engine Split Case Fire Pump
250-10000 GPM
3-16 bar
25-500 mm
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