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Since the operation of the mobile diesel water pump is inseparable from electricity, the scene of the drought-resistant flooding accident often makes the power supply self-enclosed. Even if we are equipped with a dual power switching device, it is impossible to ensure that the power grid is normal. Therefore, the start-up and operation of the mobile diesel water pump completely detached from the grid constitutes the preferred equipment for the standby emergency facility! The driving power of the diesel water pump is very different from that of the electric water pump, so there are many different places for their normal protection and treatment! The advantage of the mobile diesel water pump is that the biggest difference between the diesel water pump and the electric water pump is that it has its own independent power supply system - the battery. Therefore, the start and operation of the diesel water pump can be completely disconnected from the mains. The diesel pump with trailer is usually used as a backup facility. Therefore, when the emergency drought relief signal comes, and the electric water pump cannot be emergency. When the device is started, the control system with it is started urgently. Of course, I can design a control system that is more suitable for the customer's needs according to the customer's requirements.

mobile diesel water pump

The fuel injection pump in the trailer pump with diesel engine is connected to the oil circuit to form a sealed circuit. When there is air in the original body, the diesel engine should be shut down without oil. At this time, the operator should first check the inventory of diesel oil in the fuel tank, whether it is used up, whether the pharyngeal oil pipe leaves the oil surface; the second is to check whether the fuel outlet of the fuel tank is blocked, causing the oil circuit to form a vacuum negative pressure and unable to supply oil, then loosen the bleed screw in the fuel injection pump. The pipeline pump uses the oil pump to pump oil. If there are a lot of air bubbles or oil bubbles, and the oil supply is not smooth, it means that the low pressure oil circuit is also blocked. At this time, check the coarse and fine. Whether the diesel filter is clogged, the tubing is cracked or bumped; the gasket at each tubing joint is forgotten to be installed, or the gasket is damaged, causing leakage or intake.

When the hand oil pump pumps oil, it feels that the oil supply is smooth, but there is no pressure. This is mainly due to the spring break or fatigue deformation in the oil return overflow valve on the fuel injection pump. The steel ball is worn or dirty and the seal is not tight. , so that the low pressure oil line pressure is too low, resulting in insufficient fuel supply to the fuel injection pump. When checking the sealing effect of the oil return overflow valve, block the inlet port with your hand and blow the air with the mouth. The blow is not normal. Otherwise, the seal is not strict. When the oil pump is pumped by the hand oil pump, the handle should feel elastic and pressure when twitching the handle. It is easy to release or release the handle to automatically return.

The mobile diesel water pump set is divided into fixed and mobile according to the installation method. The fixed type is assembled safely and tightly on a common chassis by pumps, diesel engines and electrical instruments. It is connected to the electric control box through the control line signal line and installed in the pump room. The mobile type is made up of pumps and diesel engines and electric appliances. Instruments, pipelines, etc. are installed in trailers or trailers, can be towed or transported by vehicles, and can be put into operation at any time and any place.

The mobile diesel pump group can be divided into single stage centrifugal pump set, multistage centrifugal pump set, single stage double suction centrifugal pump set, submerged pump set, sewage self priming pump set, slurry pump set, vacuum pump set, etc. according to the driven pump.