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Centrifugal pump won’t start and low discharge pressure problem?

During the operation of the centrifugal pump, various centrifugal pump failures will inevitably occur. Therefore, how to improve the reliability, life, and efficiency of pump operation, and timely and accurate judgment of the occurrence of faults is an important means to ensure the smooth operation of production. Here are two centrifugal pump problems and solutions.
The most common fault diagnosis and treatment methods for centrifugal pumps are as follows:

centrifugal pump

1. The centrifugal pump won’t start
(1) The prime mover or power supply is not normal. The solution is to check the power and prime mover conditions.
(2) The pump is stuck. The treatment method is to check the coupling by hand and disassemble if necessary to eliminate the malfunction of the static and dynamic parts.
(3) The packing is pressed too tightly. The treatment is to relax the filler.
(4) The discharge valve is not closed. The treatment is to close the discharge valve and restart.
(5) The balance tube is not smooth. The treatment method is to clear the balance tube.
centrifugal pump
2. The centrifugal pump low discharge pressure problem
The reason and treatment are as follows:
(1) The pump is not enough (or the gas in the pump is not exhausted). The treatment is to refill the pump.
(2) The pump is not turning right. The method of processing is to check the direction of rotation.
(3) The pump speed is too low. The treatment method is to check the rotation speed and increase the rotation speed.
(4) The filter screen is clogged and the bottom valve is not working. The treatment is to check the filter and eliminate debris.
(5) The suction height is too high, or a vacuum occurs in the aspiration tank. The treatment method is to reduce the suction height; check the suction tank pressure.