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Causes of breakage of the pump shaft of the fire pump

Is the fire pump pump shaft break really a product problem? Is the quality not enough, or is the manufacturer cutting corners and using cheap materials? Will the fire pump pump shaft really break? Many people are puzzled by this. I think that the seemingly so strong pump shaft, what is the break?

The breakage of the pump shaft of the fire pump is not entirely a matter of product quality, and more, it is still not standardized.

fire pump
Any of the following is the direct cause, the fire pump pump shaft will really break!
1、The heat treatment of the fire pump shaft is not enough, and the pump shaft breakage is prone to occur. Recommended for a heat treatment
2、The precision of the pump shaft casting is not enough, which causes the pump shaft of the fire pump to break.
3、Because the fire pump is placed in the environment for a long time, there will be some corrosion phenomenon, and the liquid delivered is extremely corrosive. If the pump shaft material of the fire pump you purchased at this time does not use the pump corresponding to corrosion resistance. The shaft material will break due to corrosion
4、Some pump products, such as pump shafts of various fire pump products, need to be welded. It is also one of the causes of the fracture at the weld due to the failure of the welding process.
5.When using various sewage pumps, the impeller is stuck due to the suction of the hard objects into the pump. The cracks may occur due to the thinness of the individual small pump shafts.

The pump shaft of the fire pump is the key part that supports and drives the rotation of the impeller. Once the pump shaft of the fire pump is broken, it is equivalent to the whole system can not continue, then the fire pump will also face the replacement situation. To this end, it is better to use the fire pump to extend the life and control the cost. The key is still in operation!