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The deep well submersible pump is a pump that is immersed in a groundwater well for pumping and transporting water. It is widely used in farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage, and sewage treatment. Since the motor is submerged into the water at the same time, the structural requirements for the motor are special to those of the general motor. Then, with regard to the installation of the deep well submersible pump, special attention must be paid.

Specific installation steps:

1. Before using the electric pump, check the insulation resistance of the motor with a megohmmeter. The low value should not be less than 5 megohms. The inspection method is to connect one terminal on the megohmmeter to the electric pump cable, the other terminal to the motor casing, shake the megohmmeter, and observe the insulation resistance value.

2.The water-immersed motor should open the irrigation bolts, fill the clean water, tighten the bolts, and then sneak into the water. If the oil-immersed motor is found to be leaking oil, the sealing element should be replaced and then submerged into the water.
deep well submersible pump
3. When the electric pump is submerged or hoisted, the cable should not be pulled to avoid damage to the cable or disconnection of the joint.
4. The electric pump should be vertical when it is submerged into the water.
5. The electric pump shall not transport water or mud with a large amount of sand. The water immersed motor should always clean the sand in the motor cavity and replace the clean water in the motor cavity.
6. After the electric pump is used, it should be cleaned, oiled on the metal surface to prevent rust, and stored vertically in a dry place.