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What are the characteristics and technical requirements for manual inspection of fire pumps?

 Introduce the characteristics and technical requirements of the fire pump manual inspection, and the friends who want to know the following article to follow the introduction

(1) The fire inspection mode shall have the function of automatic switching during fire and ensure that the pump shall not be automatically stopped after the fire pump is started. When the fire pump is extinguished, the patrol signal should not respond. During the self-inspection of the fire pump, if the fire operation command is encountered, the self-checking action should be interrupted immediately, the solenoid valve on the bypass line should be closed and confirmed, and the self-test should be forcibly stopped. The system automatically transfers the fire pump to the normal (power frequency) working condition, so that the fire pump reaches the rated speed, ensuring that the water output of the fire pump can meet the flow and head requirements of the system.

(2) The fire pump system should be tested once a year, and the fire pump should also be tested for effluent (normal working conditions). This is because the excellent working condition of the fire pump self-test is a true reflection of the actual operation of the fire pump.

(3) Since the fire pump strengthens the usual maintenance management, the fire pump needs to be operated frequently, so the fire pump unit also needs to consider the vibration isolation measures of the pump and the pipeline. As a fire pump, it should also be prevented from being frozen to ensure the normal operation of the system without causing equipment failure and damage.

(4) In the fire water supply system with fire pump inspection, a pressure relief valve is required from a reliable point of view. Whether it is a constant speed self-test or a low-speed self-test, there may be system overpressure problems. If the solenoid valve is not open or the soft starter and the inverter are not operating properly, it may be boring. The pressure relief valve can be shared in the system.