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What are the main USES of the fire pump and how to repair the gasoline pump in case of failure?

 What are the main USES of the fire pump and how to repair the gasoline pump in case of failure?

As is known to all, fire pump is widely used in our production and life, such as in water treatment, fire safety departments will be used. After the reform and opening up, it has been widely used in life and production with its characteristics of full seal, no leakage, corrosion resistance and so on. Because of its excellent characteristics in transportation and storage, it has become the new favorite of many factories. In the common sense of people, the fire pump is mainly used for fire protection system to send water, as a fire protection system will be essential to an appliance, the fire pump has simple structure, stable performance characteristics, and because of its high speed, volume is small, but the efficiency is very high, it is because of the advantages of high performance low energy, fire safety and efficiency of the pump with the purpose of well pipe tools. However, the application of fire pump is not only in the fire system, a variety of fire pump is also gradually in the industrial production and urban construction, showing its superior strength. These include the implementation and expansion of industrial and urban water supply and drainage, and the implementation and expansion of high-end technologies for capturing and delivering water to high-rise buildings. Of course, we are also familiar with the long-distance water delivery, which we may ignore all aspects are inseparable from the application of the fire pump. Even for bathroom heating and boiler heating and cooling water circulation, there are some practical types of fire pumps to assist.
The fire pump is mainly used for pressurized water delivery in the fire system. It can also be used in industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise buildings to capture the pressure of water delivery, long-distance water delivery, heating, bathroom, boiler cooling and heating water cycle pressurized air conditioning refrigeration system water delivery and equipment supporting occasions. The fire pump has the advantages of simple structure, stable performance, high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, easy operation and maintenance, etc.
1. The gap between the inner and outer rocker arms is too large
(1) Packing gasket between inner and outer rocker arms
The gasket can be made of iron sheet, copper, iron wire, semicircle split pin and so on. When installing, make certain gap between inside and outside rocker arm, and entangle gasket, in order to avoid falling down.
(2) Check whether the gasket thickness is appropriate
Extend your hand into the gasoline pump installation hole on the cylinder block, turn the engine crankshaft manually slowly, and install the gasoline pump (pre-installed gaskets between the gasoline pump and the cylinder block) when you touch the driving eccentric wheel of the CAM SAIC pump inwards, that is, when the oil is not pumped. Install the fastening bolt of THE SAIC oil pump and screw in a little, push the gasoline pump by hand, make it fit with the cylinder block, and then relax. At this time, if it plays the role of suction pressure, the gasket is too thick, it should be adjusted.
2. Broken rocker arm
When the rocker arm is broken, one of the following steps may be taken:
(1) A metal wire or string is attached to the hand rocker arm of the gasoline pump, and the other end is guided to the driver's room. The car can only drive at a low speed by manual traction control.
(2) If there is a small pulley, the wire or string mentioned above can be tied to the accelerator pedal through the small pulley and controlled by the foot.
(3) Remove the broken rocker arm and find a soft pull pipe with choke or throttle pull knob. After the inner hole is fully lubricate, fix one end of the rocker on the gasoline pump hand and the other end on the wiper pole in the appropriate position (note: the pull pipe should be fixed in the appropriate position of the vehicle body). When in use, turn on the wiper switch and use the wiper rod to swing back and forth so that the gasoline pump constantly pump oil.
(4) For the electric wiper model, the assembly of the electric wiper can be removed and fixed in the appropriate position above the gasoline pump. The two ends of the wire can be fixed in the appropriate position on the handle and the wiper rod respectively. After the wiper is connected to the power supply, the electric wiper rod can be used to swing back and forth to drive the oil pump of the hand crank.
The selection of the above methods can be decided according to the specific conditions at that time.
3. Pump film rupture
(1) for the damage of the pump film is not serious, such as only the edge is damaged, can be in the broken place after deep soap, the damaged pump film and good pump film are separated from each other, and each piece of the broken place staggered open and then installed.
(2) If the pump film is long, plastic, oilcloth, film can be cut into the shape of the original diaphragm, sandwicked between the original diaphragm.
(3) If gasoline is found to flow into the crankcase from the pump film rupture, the crankcase lubricating oil has been severely diluted. New oil should be replaced. If there is no new oil, you can also remove the old oil from the crankcase and heat it so that the gasoline in the oil can be evaporated and the old oil can be used for a while.
4. Inlet and outlet oil valves have poor sealing
(1) If the oil valve made of rubber wood is uneven, the oil valve can be turned over to continue to use, or the uneven side on the oil surface grinding flat, using grinding paste on the glass to grind flat. Clean the ground valve before it is installed and used again.
(2) If the inlet and outlet oil valve due to glue and poor sealing, alcohol or high concentration of liquor or acetone can be used to clean off the glue.
(3) If the oil valve has been broken, can be replaced by a thinner glass.
It is made by immersing the glass in water and using pliers to slowly clamp the glass into the shape of an oil valve.
5. Oil cup cracked
(1) If the oil cup only cracks, you can use old plastic (such as toothbrush handle) repair. The method is, first the oil cup broken place thoroughly clean, put the plastic on the exhaust pipe heating (pay attention not to let the plastic stained with oil), after being melted quickly press in the oil cup crack, and let its adhesion to a certain thickness, with the prior on the exhaust pipe heating driver will be repaired in turn by the flat, so that it bond more firmly.
(2) If the oil cup is broken, replace it with a substitute. There are many kinds of substitutes, such as wine bottles, small thermos caps, drink boxes, bamboo tubes, small teacup, flashlight covers, cream bottles and so on. If the height of the substitute is not high enough to be fixed, pad block 2 can be added at the bottom of the substitute and its thickness can be fixed firmly with a tight screw.
If the wine bottle is used as a substitute, the processing method is as follows: the cotton thread soaked with gasoline is wrapped around the place where the wine bottle is to be cut, and then the cotton thread is ignited. When the cotton thread is nearly burnt out, it is quickly put into cold water. As the bottle shrinks rapidly when it cools, it disconnects at the winding point.
If there is a clapboard structure in the middle of the broken oil cup, the soft wood can be processed into the shape and size of the original clapboard, and the installation position of the original clapboard can be put.
6. Excessive wear of outer rocker arm and CAM
If the outer rocker arm and the CAM wear out so much that the gasoline pump supplies too little, thin or even remove the liner between the pump and the cylinder block (but do not leak oil from here).
7. Pump film spring breaks
If the pump film spring is broken, the electric horn button spring on the steering shaft of the steering wheel can be replaced by or other similar springs.
8. Liner leaks
(1) If the liner does not have sealing effect due to stiffness, the liner can be soaked in hot water, make it soft and then coated with grease to continue to install and use.
(2) If the above methods still can not be used or the liner has been broken, can use yellow paper or asbestos board according to the size of the original liner for processing, installation and use.
9. Gasoline pump produces "air resistance" phenomenon
The elimination of "air resistance" of gasoline pump is as follows:
(1) Stop the engine and open the hood for ventilation;
(2) Rinse the oil pipe with cold water to help cool it (but do not water the oil cup of the inlet pipe, exhaust pipe and gasoline pump);
(3) After soaking in cold water with cotton yarn or rags, put them on the gasoline pump to cool down. After a period of time, remove the carburetor into the oil pipe and pump oil by hand several times