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How should the fire pump be used to run better?

 The inside of the fire pump pressure tank is divided into two parts by a diaphragm made of rubber, and one side is connected to the pipe, which is called a water storage chamber. There is air on the other side, called the gas storage room.

The air stored in the air storage chamber is responsible for adjusting the internal air pressure. By utilizing the characteristic that the air can be compressed, the air pressure is compressed by pressing the intermediate diaphragm, so that the diaphragm is reversely pressed against the water storage chamber to achieve the pressurized drainage. The role.

Let the water pump continuously store water into the tank, the internal air is squeezed, the water storage capacity increases, and the air pressure in the tank also gradually increases. When the stop pressure is increased to the pump setting, the water pump stops working.

At this time, the faucet is opened, and the water stored in the tank is gradually discharged, and the air pressure in the tank is gradually lowered. When the pressure is set to the starting pressure of the water pump, the water pump starts working again, and the water is stored in the tank, and the circulation is repeated.

Therefore, the pressure tank can start the pump when it needs to work, effectively reducing the number of starts and stops of the pump and prolonging the service life of the pump. Frequent and repeated starts put pressure on the start and run capacitors.

Frequent and repetitive starts create electrical and mechanical stress on the well pump motor as it will stop from a crash to full speed in an instant. Imagine that the bulb is turned on and off repeatedly - it puts pressure on the filament, which shortens the life of the bulb.

If you want to extend the service life of the pump, you must do the pump that is normally used for maintenance work. The pump should always check the operation of the machine during use.

Mainly manifested in:

1. The water pump coupling is normal;

2. The water pressure is normal;

3. Ping·Heng is blocked by the pipeline;

4. Bearing fuel should always ensure normal operation;

5, the pump seat must be strong.

The pump should not be used for too long, and the pump must be left when not in use. When the pump is evacuated, the important components of the pump's butter, especially the bearings and joints, are prone to rust, so the pump is placed in a dry place.

The problem with the heat pump has always been the life of the critical pump. If the cooling effect is not good, the motor temperature will rise, so that the power of the motor will continue to rise, and the motor will be easily burned and the life of the pump will be shortened. To solve this problem, we use an external circulation cooling system to enhance the heat dissipation function, which ensures that when the water pump is out of water, it also works.

For more serious corrosive liquids of the carriage, the stainless steel pump is first used, and its corrosion resistance, operational reliability a