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What if the shaft of the fire pump breaks?

The role of the pump shaft is to support and drive the impeller rotation. The pump shaft shall have sufficient torsional strength, and the deflection shall not exceed the allowable value. The working speed cannot approach the critical speed of resonance. Individual users will encounter the fire pump pump shaft fracture problem. So why did the shaft of the fire pump break?
Pump industry to introduce the cause of the fire pump shaft fracture what are:
1. The fracture of the fire pump shaft is caused by the insufficient precision of the pump shaft casting.
2. Due to corrosion, the conveying liquid is highly corrosive, and the pump shaft material is not selected with the corresponding corrosion-resistant pump shaft material, which leads to the fracture after corrosion.
3. Because the heat treatment done by the fire pump shaft is not in place, the pump shaft should undergo a heat treatment. If the heat is not done, the pump shaft will be prone to fracture.
4. Some pump products, such as multi-stage fire pump and all kinds of fire pump products, need to be welded on the pump shaft. The failure of welding process leads to fracture at the welding site, which is also one of the reasons.
5, there may be such as the use of a variety of sewage pump due to the hard object pumping into the pump, resulting in impeller stuck phenomenon due to a few small model of the pump shaft is thin will appear fracture phenomenon.