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How many do you know about motors?

The motor is a common equipment in people’s production and life, especially in the machinery industry. It is the power source of the equipment. As a manufacturer of fluid equipment, the motor is one of the necessary parts of the water pump. The company not only produces all kinds of water pumps, but also We also produce electrical equipment. There is a lot of professional knowledge about motors,
1. Why can't general motors be used in plateau areas? Too high altitude is not good for motor temperature rise, motor corona (high voltage motor) and commutation of DC motor. Therefore, when the temperature decreases with the increase of altitude enough to compensate for the influence of altitude on temperature rise, the rated output power of the motor can be unchanged; when using high-voltage motors in plateau areas, anti-corona measures should be taken when using them.

2. What work must be done before the motor that has not been started for a long time? Measure the insulation resistance between the phases of the winding, the stator and the winding to the ground; clean the motor; replace the bearing grease.

3. Why can't the motor start at will in the cold environment? If the motor is exposed to a low temperature environment for too long, it will cause the bearing grease to freeze, the motor insulation to crack, and the solder powder of the wire joints. 4. Why can't a 60Hz motor be connected to a 50Hz power supply? When the motor power supply voltage is constant, reducing the frequency will increase the magnetic flux and the excitation current, resulting in an increase in the motor current and an increase in copper consumption, which will eventually lead to an increase in the temperature of the motor. In severe cases, it may also cause the coil to overheat and burn the motor.

4. What preparations should be done before starting the motor? (1) Measure the insulation resistance (2) Measure the power supply voltage, check whether the motor wiring is correct, whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements (3) Check the surrounding environment of the motor is suitable, remove flammable and explosive materials (4) Check whether the fuse is suitable (5) Check the grounding of the motor and whether the zero connection is good (6) Check whether the transmission device is defective