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How to choose the right lift of the deep well fire pump?

The selection basis of deep well fire pumps includes head, flow rate and downhole depth, material requirements, process requirements, etc. For the stability of the actual use of deep well fire pumps, the pre-selection considers various parameters to be based on reality.

How to choose the right lift of the deep well fire pump? The actual head is the total head excluding the loss head, and the head of the deep well fire pump will affect the size of the flow, and it will decrease with the increase of the head, so the higher the head, the smaller the flow, the lower the power consumption, and vice versa. The head is low and the flow is large. We need to consider comprehensively when selecting the head of the deep well fire pump, combined with the on-site environment, and at the same time, the parameters proposed by the customer must be actually matched, and the installation must minimize the pipeline loss (loss head).

If the head, flow, and process requirements given by the customer are all determined, Nanjing Wangyang Pump has many years of production and sales experience, coupled with technical expertise to provide customers with a high accuracy rate. The corresponding performance ranges of long-axis fire pumps, diesel engine fire pumps, and horizontal fire pumps are all different, and we are all based on the actual tested performance.