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How to install the fire pump is suitable ?

 Do you understand the requirements for installation of fire pumps? How much do you know about the fire pump, fully understand the product, how to install the fire pump is appropriate, in order to better play its advantages. Let's take a look at it with us now.

1. The installation location of the fire pump should be as close as possible to the water source of the fire water and choose the appropriate distance.

2. Check the condition of the fire pump before installation. Generally, when the fire pump is sent from the manufacturer to the place of use, the wooden box will be packed. Open the wooden box before installation, check the appearance of the fire pump to see if there is any damage or missing parts caused by bumps during transportation.

3, directly installed, the fire pump can be installed on the basis of the height of 30 to 40 mm.

4. Pay attention to the installation of the fire pump and the base. There are two installation methods, one is the rigid connection directly installed on the cement foundation, and the other is the flexible connection installed by the JGD type damper. According to the actual situation, choose the appropriate installation method.

5. When selecting the position of the fire pump installation pipeline, the curve of the nearby pipeline should be minimized to ensure that there is no leakage or air leakage.

6. When installing the fire pump pipeline, it is necessary to make the inlet and outlet management have their own support force, and reduce the weight of the fire pump flange from the pipeline.

7. Install a filter on the inlet pipe of the fire pump to prevent impurities from entering the interior of the impeller and causing the fire pump to malfunction.