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Matters needing attention in self-priming diesel engine water pump

In addition to urban waterlog drainage, mobile pump truck is also used in drought relief, silt drainage, emergency drainage and other municipal drainage; Irrigation and drainage system, cofferdam pumping, temporary diversion of water and other operations.

The mobile pump truck mainly USES the diesel engine to directly drive the self-priming sewage pump to pump water, which is small in size and easy to move. The mobile pump station is convenient to pump water where the truck cannot enter. Can achieve full intelligent control, maintenance - free, all - weather. The air-cooled engine started with artificial energy storage not only avoids the maintenance trouble of storage battery and fan water tank cooling system, but also can work in extremely high, low temperature and dust and other harsh environment all day long. Under the condition of long-term storage, the equipment can be rushed to the site at any time and put into operation immediately. Depending on the pump end, two 100W car lamps can be installed to realize the function of night working lighting.

Matters needing attention of self-priming diesel engine water pump

1, diesel engine water pump shell is generally cast iron, it is subject to mechanical force or thermal stress action easy to crack. When the diesel engine water pump in the work due to the impact of cavitation or in the winter did not release the water in the pump shell is also easy to break, such as heavy damage can not be repaired should be replaced with a new pump shell.

2, the diesel engine pump shaft is generally carbon steel, but due to the quality of manufacturing, use or installation and other reasons is also easy to damage. Pump shaft may appear cracks, bending, journal wear, thread damage, etc., may also appear fracture accident. If the damage is too serious to repair, a new shaft should be replaced.

3, the impeller is an important working part of the diesel engine water pump, made of cast iron (according to the working condition can also be made of the corresponding anticorrosive material). It is also vulnerable to damage due to manufacturing quality and use. Impeller may appear cracks, due to cavitation effect on the surface to form a hole or perforation, long-term washed to make the blade thin or partial wear, or even be crushed by sundry. Some defects can be fixed; Some defects can not be repaired, that is, should be replaced with a new impeller.

4, sliding bearing bearing bush is copper tin alloy cast, wear resistance is very poor, is easy to wear and burn out one of the wear parts, bearing bush can generally be repaired, also can be replaced with new pieces. The average service life of rolling bearings is 5000 hours, but improper installation, long service time or poor maintenance, but also easy to wear or damage. Rolling bearings in addition to the individual parts can be replaced by new, generally have to replace the whole.

5, mouth ring is also known as reducing leakage or wear ring, it is one of the parts of the diesel engine water pump easy to wear. It can be repaired or replaced after being worn out. When replacing the new leak reduction ring, its inner diameter should be configured according to the outer diameter of the impeller inlet. If the outer diameter of the impeller inlet is worn, it can be turned to eliminate the groove and ellipse, and then configured with a smaller inner diameter of the leakage reduction ring, the outer diameter of the impeller inlet can generally be turned three times.

6, the filler will become hard after a long time and lose elasticity, will make the diesel engine water pump leakage, leakage, generally should be replaced with a new filler.

7, diesel engine water pump oil seal is rubber products, easy to wear and aging, generally need to replace new parts.