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Mobile diesel water pump, also known as mobile trailer pump, is mainly used for fire protection, municipal emergency water supply, agricultural irrigation, flood control and other purposes.

一. Introduction to mobile diesel water pump:
The mobile diesel pump is more convenient and flexible than the fixed diesel pump, and is easy to move to suit different places. According to different working conditions, high-quality domestic or imported diesel engines can be selected, and high-quality and high-efficiency self-priming (or vacuum water diversion device) centrifugal pumps are available. The trailer pump is suitable for mobile water supply, mobile sewage discharge, and pumping. The product has the characteristics of leading technology, high degree of automation, superior performance, complete functions, reasonable structure, simple installation and high cost performance.

mobile trailer pump

二. The characteristics of mobile diesel water pump:
1. Fully intelligent control operation;
2. Full digital display, setting and control;
3. All-round protection of diesel engine: overspeed, low speed, low oil pressure, high cooling temperature, low temperature (less than 4 °C), low fuel level, low battery voltage, high battery voltage, uncalibrated speed signal and low water pressure of pump Pre-alarm such as over-flow; no speed signal, overspeed, low speed, low oil pressure, high cooling temperature, startup failure, shutdown failure, oil pressure sensor open/short circuit, water temperature sensor open/short circuit, speed sensor open/short circuit, pump water pressure Automatic alarms such as low and super flow;
4. Pump head and flow display;
5. The integrated design of the unit, the user only needs to connect the inlet/outlet pipe and the exhaust pipe to work;
6. The system has a communication interface, which can be directly connected to the control center to realize the monitoring and operation records of “four remote” (remote adjustment, remote communication, remote monitoring, remote control).
7, with the bottom of the fuel tank, low fuel automatic exhaust pump.
8, maintenance-free battery, with a city electric smart charging device.

三. mobile diesel pump configuration:
1. Including: diesel engine, water pump, intelligent control system, battery, mains charger, electronic governor, exhaust muffler, muffler, steel structure base.
2. According to the customer's head, the flow is selected.
3. Can be designed as a trailer (four or two wheels) mobile type according to customer requirements
4. Can be installed in the car according to customer requirements.