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Fire Booster pump

Fire Booster pump

Product Overview
Technical Data
Product Overview
The fire water supply pressure booster pump complete sets of equipment is the equipment for the firefighting project. The main function is to maintain the firefighting pressure of the fire extinguishing pipe network. When a fire alarm is opened, the fire extinguishing equipment can immediately spray the solid water column, and the alarm linkage starts the large fire pump. Win the initial fire extinguishing time of more than 30 seconds until the full load of the fire main pump is started. Because the equipment can maintain the pressure of the pipe network at all times, the pipe network does not have air to start. The fire pump does not slam, the pipe network has no risk of vibration.
1. Pump, electric control cabinet, diaphragm type pressure tank, combined pipe network four-in-one, and equipped with vibration isolators, no need to pre-embed the foot hole, the designer can check the equipment model and foundation only by calculating the parameters. Size, etc. Electrical designers no longer need to design control lines, only the incoming lines in the pump room and the wiring to the equipment. The convenient selection can greatly shorten the design cycle of the designer and the construction time of the construction personnel.
2, diaphragm type pressure tank disposable inflation is durable, water and gas isolation can prevent water pollution.
3. The equipment covers a small area, investment, automatic operation, no need to take care of.
4. The equipment has dual power interfaces, and the two-way power supply is automatically (manually) switched. The equipment can be made according to the design requirements.
5, with automatic protection and failover. A backup pump can be started if any of the pumps fails (electrical fault or hydraulic fault).
6, can be connected to the fire center (according to the design needs).
7, can choose the tank, voltage regulation, control functions according to customer needs.
8, the main electrical components of the electrical use of domestic or imported brand-name enterprise products, reliable quality, stable operation.
Technical Data
Booster pump set model Pressure(MPa)


Pressure tank Water pump model
Model Operating pressure ratio Water storage volume(L)


Calibrated volume Actual volume
ZW(L)-Ⅰ-X-7 0.1 SQL800×0.6 0.6 300 319 25LG3-10×4 N=1.5KW
ZW(L)-Ⅰ-Z-10 0.16 SQL800×0.6 0.8 150 159 25LG3-10×4 N=1.5KW
ZW(L)-Ⅰ-X-10 0.16 SQL800×0.6 0.6 300 319 25LG3-10×5 N=1.5KW
ZW(L)-Ⅰ-X-13 0.22 SQL1000×0.6 0.76 300 329 25LG3-10×4 N=1.5KW
ZW(L)-Ⅰ-XZ-10 0.16 SQL1000×0.6 0.65 450 480 25LG3-10×4 N=1.5KW
ZW(L)-Ⅰ-XZ-13 0.22 SQL1000×0.6 0.67 450 452 25LG3-10×5 N=1.5KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-Z-A 0.22-0.38 SQL800×0.6 0.8 150 159 25LG3-10×6 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-Z-B 0.38-0.50 SQL800×1.0 0.8 150 159 25LG3-10×8 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-Z-C 0.50-0.65 SQL1000×1.5 0.85 150 206 25LG3-10×9 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-Z-D 0.65-0.85 SQL1000×1.5 0.85 150 206 25LG3-10×11 N=3.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-Z-E 0.85-1.00 SQL1000×1.5 0.85 150 206 25LG3-10×13 N=4.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-X-A 0.22-0.38 SQL1000×0.6 0.78 300 302 25LG3-10×6 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-X-B 0.38-0.50 SQL1000×1.0 0.78 300 302 25LG3-10×8 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-X-C 0.50-0.65 SQL1000×1.5 0.78 300 302 25LG3-10×10 N=3.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-X-D 0.65-0.85 SQL1200×1.5 0.85 300 355 25LG3-10×13 N=4.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-X-E 0.85-1.00 SQL1200×1.5 0.85 300 355 25LG3-10×15 N=4.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-XZ-A 0.22-0.38 SQL1200×0.6 0.8 450 474 25LG3-10×6 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-XZ-B 0.38-0.50 SQL1200×1.0 0.8 450 474 25LG3-10×8 N=2.2KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-XZ-C 0.50-0.65 SQL1200×1.5 0.8 450 474 25LG3-10×10 N=3.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-XZ-D 0.65-0.85 SQL1200×1.5 0.8 450 474 25LG3-10×12 N=4.0KW
ZW(L)-Ⅱ-XZ-E 0.85-1.00 SQL1200×1.5 0.8 450 474 25LG3-10×14 N=4.0KW
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