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Portable Gas Pump

Portable Gas Pump

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Product Overview
Technical Data
Product Overview
The portable fire pump is a light-type engine directly connected to the water pump. The portable fire pump can be lifted by human to save general material fires and small oil fires. Because the portable fire pump is light and flexible, it is not restricted by traffic, electricity, and regional obstacles. It has been widely used to save poor traffic conditions for industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, ports, terminals, and rural areas. Fire trucks are difficult to pass or cannot arrive in time the place where the fire started.

The portable fire pump is mainly composed of an engine, a water supply system and a hand lift. The engine is the power part of the hand lift pump. The engine used for the portable fire pump is mostly an automobile engine. This is because the automobile engine has the characteristics of high power, light weight, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and quick start. The water supply system is the working part of the portable fire pump, and the hand lift is the support body of the whole machine. When using, pull the handle horizontally to raise the portable fire pump.

For decades, it is hot saled in Southeast Aisa, Mideast, Africa and South America, it withstands the test of time. As usual it includes gasoline engine, centrifugal pump and scuttlebutt. 
The power of regular type is 9 hp, 13 hp, 22 hp and 25 hp with max flow 500 gpm. Weight: ≦ 100kg, vacuum sealing performance: ≦ 2.6kPa, max. Vacuum: ≧ 85.0kPa, water diversion time ≦ 35.0s. As a famous portable fire pump manufacturer, zjbetter pump company is happy to supply you strong durable portable fire pump.
Small and medium-sized towns, mining wharfs, rural areas, fire engines difficult to reach, or timely arrival, because of traffic restrictions, motorized fire pump with hose, water gun, suitable for fighting the general material fire, not restrictions to traffic, electricity, and regional.
Technical Data
Model Engine Power start model max flow pressure head inlet outlet Weight engine brand
kw m3/h Mpa m mm mm kg
JBQ8.2/16 gasoline 35.00 Electric start 80 0.82 90 80 2*65 98 B&S/KOHLER
JBQ6.0/16.0 gasoline 25.00 Electric start 72 0.6 80 80 65 86 honda
JBQ6.0/16.0 gasoline 20.00 Electric start/manual start 72 0.6 80 65 86


JBQ5.5/10.0 gasoline 15.00 Electric start/manual start 55 0.55 70 65 65 63 LF
JBQ5.5/9.0 gasoline 13.00 Electric start/manual start 50 0.55 70 65 65 63 honda
JBQ5.5/9.0 gasoline 13.00 Electric start/manual start 50 0.55 70 65 65 63 domestic
JBQ5.0/8.6 gasoline 11.00 manual start 46 0.5 60 65 65 49 domestic
JBQ5.0/8.6 gasoline 11.00 Electric start/manual start 46 0.46 60 65 65 55 domestic
JBQ4.6/7.2 gasoline 9.00 manual start 41 0.46 55 65 50/65 42 domestic
50BJ32 gasoline 6.00 manual start 29


30 50 50 28 domestic
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