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 Do you know the control cabinet of the diesel pump unit?

 The diesel engine pump unit is often used for drainage and municipal flood control in fixed occasions. It is directly driven by the diesel engine. The self-priming diesel engine pump is reasonably configured with a water distribution head. It has the advantages of simple and convenient operation and fast water filling. The unit is equipped with a vacuum auxiliary system, which avoids artificial irrigation and saves time and effort.

The device has remote control and remote control functions in the central control room, and can also have field bus connection. The battery uses a fully automatic floating charging method to ensure that the battery is in standby at any time. When preparing to start the diesel engine water pump for the first time, check the installation of all equipment and start according to the following requirements: fill the diesel engine water pump and water pump suspension from the fuel port, and use the dipstick to check the oil level and meet the required height.

Full automatic control cabinet of diesel engine pump unit:

1. With manual and automatic control functions. When the self-start signal is input or the start button is manually pressed, the controller will automatically complete the program control and process control such as self-start, unit operation, and fault shutdown protection.

2. Automatic monitoring function. Automatically monitor the speed changes of the engine during starting, idling, raising, full speed, etc., automatically complete the input and withdrawal of the starting motor, the over-limit shutdown of the high and low speed, and output the running signal after the speed is normal. Diesel engine operating status display function. According to the current operating status of the system, the indicator or display screen indicates the current state of the device, including: standby, start-up, fuel supply, self-starting, speed display, idle delay, normal operation, cooling shutdown, emergency shutdown, etc.

In order to avoid damage to the shaft, a shaft sleeve is installed at the position where the shaft passes through the packing cavity, and a 0-shaped seal is installed between the shaft sleeve and the shaft to prevent air intake or water leakage along the mating surface. The transmission mode of the pump is connected to the motor through an elongated elastic coupling. The direction of rotation of the pump, viewed from the drive end, is clockwise.