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What are the requirements for the performance of fire pumps and diesel fire pumps?

Fire pump is a kind of fire hydrant pump. It is a kind of water pump with high performance requirements. Fire pumps require higher production technology and material selection than ordinary water pumps.
The performance requirements of fire pumps are higher than ordinary water pumps, but China's current specifications do not make detailed provisions on the performance and test requirements of fire pumps. The current reference is to the performance requirements of the US NFPA20 for fire pumps. The specific requirements can be simply listed as follows:
1. The large flow rate of the fire pump should be more than 150% of the actual value;
2. The lift of the fire pump should not be less than 64% of the lift of the selected working point;
3. The head of the fire pump should not be greater than 140% of the head of the selected working point;
4. The flow of the stabilized pump is 1-2L / S, and the head is 1.1-1.2 times that of the fire pump.
The performance requirements for fire pumps in the United States are reference opinions, not mandatory standards in China. However, as a professional pump manufacturer of fire pumps, we use high requirements to standardize the products we produce and give consumers a safe choice.