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What are the requirements for fire pump, diesel fire pump performance?

 Fire pump is a water hydrant pump, is a higher performance requirements of a pump. Fire pump in the production process and material selection, the requirements are higher than the ordinary water pump.

The performance requirement of fire pump is higher than that of ordinary pump, but there is no detailed regulation on the performance and testing requirement of fire pump in the current code of China. The current requirements refer to the performance requirements of NFPA20 for fire pumps. The specific requirements can be listed as follows:

1. The large flow rate of the fire pump should be more than 150% of the actual value;

2. The head of the fire pump shall be no less than 64% of the head of the selected working point;

3. The head of the fire pump should be no more than 140% of the head of the selected working point when the fire pump is closed;

4. The flow of the stabilized pump is 1-2l /S, and the head is 1.1-1.2 times of the head of the fire pump.

The performance requirements for fire pumps in the United States are a reference, not a mandatory standard in China. But as a professional manufacturer of fire pump pump industry, we with high requirements, to standardize our products, to give consumers a assured choice.