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Fire pump suction is too high how to solve?

 Fire pump usually in the maintenance process, fault diagnosis is a key link, one of them is in the use of the process of Fire pump suction suddenly high fault, We can take corresponding measures. The following are The common measures to solve The fault, for The purpose of fire pump fault diagnosis.

1 There may be a leak in the air or the inlet line
The probability of this situation is also relatively high, because in The use of The process if The air does not reach The degree of accounting, Then it will cause the corresponding suction distance is too high, when this situation occurs to carefully check what is causing the air leakage. Sometimes can consult to the fire pump manufacturer.

2, may be the impeller failure
If the impeller in the working process of the gear with a lot of obstacles, then it will cause the corresponding suction increased a lot, so not a big problem, But must be careful when cleaning the above obstacles, the blockage is not easy to clean, after when finish cleaning and coated with a layer of anti - rust oil, So that we can try to avoid to be the blocking.
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3, may be the stuffing box inside the packing realize or dead wear
This is less likely because the equipment in the stuffing box is generally not to damage. If This is the case after inspection, Otherwise it is not easy to deal with the problem completely.

If the above the problems are eliminated, the fire pump is still a fault, So it is recommended to consult more professional fire pump experts. Pump industry has more than a dozen professional fire pump experts.