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Operation specification and operation procedure of Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

 Operation specification and operation procedure of Vertical Turbine Fire Pump
I. operating rules
(1) to ensure the safety and correctness of operation.
(2) the scope of application is applicable to the building long shaft fire pump, security closed-circuit television system. (3) responsible for the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment in the central control room. (4) working procedures
Ii. Operation of fire fighting equipment and working procedures
1. Fire alarm
A) system self-check: carry out relevant operations.
2. Long shaft fire pump.
A) automatic start: the fire pump control cabinet is in the "automatic" position. When "fire danger" occurs, the fire hydrant alarm box will be broken on the floor to give an alarm. The linkage cabinet will give an audible and visual alarm, and the fire pump will start automatically.
B) manual start: select "automatic manual" on the fire pump control cabinet and place it on the "manual" position. Press the start button to start manually
Long shaft fire pump.
3. Spray pump a) automatic start: the control cabinet of the spray pump is in the "automatic" position. When a fire occurs on the floor, the spray head will burst, the water flow switch action linkage cabinet will send out sound and light alarm, and the spray pump will start automatically.
B) manual start: put the "automatic/manual" switch on the sprinkler pump control cabinet in the "manual" position and press the "start button"
Move "start spray pump.
3. Working procedure
Central control room equipment maintenance work procedures
1. Equipment of central control room shall be maintained by maintenance workers of central control room.
2. The mechanical and electrical supervisor shall formulate the next year's fire equipment inspection and maintenance schedule in December, and make medium and major maintenance plans according to the operation of the equipment.
3. Maintenance workers in central control room carry out maintenance according to the requirements of the maintenance schedule, and record the maintenance in the corresponding records.
4. Fire fighting equipment must be restored to the original state after maintenance, and original equipment and circuit shall not be changed at will.
5. Equipment failure maintenance in central control room generally does not exceed 8 hours. If the failure cannot be solved within 8 hours, it shall report the cause of the failure and the solution time to the management office and solve the problem within a time limit.
6. The equipment failure of central control room that happens at night, does not affect the user's life and work and will not cause serious consequences can be repaired by the maintenance workers of central control room in the morning shift.
Central control room fire equipment inspection and maintenance
1. Check and maintain the fire alarm system
Daily self-inspection of fire alarm controller :a) press the self-inspection key to allow the alarm controller to carry out self-inspection. B) then press the mute button to cancel the sound of the controller.
2. Monthly check and maintenance
A) complete all contents of 8 inspection and maintenance; B) main working voltage test of the controller;
C) installation inclination of smoke sensor and temperature sensor in public places shall be no more than 45", whether it is in good contact with the base, and whether the appearance is clean and intact;
D) randomly select no less than 5% smoke sensor and check whether the alarm is correct after smoke spraying; E) manual alarm button to check whether the installation is firm and whether there is any damage or loss;
F) select two manual alarm buttons to simulate alarm and test whether the alarm function is normal; G) check the appearance of each supporting box in the inner passage of the floor, and check whether the external wiring is well fixed;
H) clean and dust the fire alarm control cabinet and linkage control cabinet. The line is loose and should be tightened. Self - check, noise elimination, restoration work
Can check, main power and standby power switch, alarm check.
4. Maintenance of long shaft fire pump pump body:
A) check, supplement and replace lubricating oil. If the oil changes color, all iron filings shall be replaced;
B) leakage inspection: good packing, no water seepage, overflow or sand hole in the pump body, no water seepage in the pump shaft to the ground;
C) flexible rotation, no clamping, the pump shaft and the motor shaft are in the same center line, the machine seat is fastened, the screws are rust-free (with anti-rust measures), and the gaskets are complete.
D) clean appearance, intact paint, clear mark and clear inscription on the nameplate.
5. Valves, pipes and accessories:
A) the valve is flexible in opening and closing, free from stuck resistance and tight in closing, with no leakage inside and outside: b) the valve body and handle are intact, the valve stem is well lubricated and the appearance is clean; C) the one-way valve has flexible operation and no water leakage;
D) the pressure gauge pointer is flexible, the indication is accurate, the dial is clear, the position is easy to observe, it is firm and good, the valve and joint of the gauge do not leak water. 6. The motor:
A) the appearance is clean, the nameplate is clear, the components are firmly fastened and the coupling has a protective cover; B) the connecting end of the wire ear is tight and solid, with no discoloration or exposed part, and good grounding.