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Booster pump is indispensable for high-rise building firefighting

As the buildings get higher and higher, when they occur fires in high-rise buildings, the escape problem becomes more and more serious. Correspondingly, fire fighting in high-rise buildings is becoming more and more critical. So, what factors affect the efficiency of fire suppression in high-rise buildings? On this issue, I will discuss it with you today.

booster pump equipment

Two factors are indispensable for High-rise building fire fighting

Firefighter physical fitness

Firefighters will have sufficient firefighting physical fitness before they carry out a task. Firefighters at the fire scene, in addition to controlling the fire, there is a very important task, that is to save people. The victims of the fire scene, because of the long-term exposure to fire smoke, are prone to have difficulty in breathing, lack of physical strength, and even confused about the direction of escape. Some firefighters need to be able to lift fire rescue equipment at critical times, and can carry The rescue work must be fast. When the high-rise building is in a fire, the elevator can’t be operated and can’t be used, only use the stairs. Therefore, the physical fitness of the firefighters must be good.
booster pump equipment
Firewater supply equipment performance

On the high-rise building fire scene, in addition to waiting for the rescue of the fire department, it is also necessary to save yourself. Fire protection systems will be installed in residential buildings and commercial buildings, where have a full range of fire rescue equipment, including fire water supply equipment. The performance of fire water supply equipment is good or bad, which seriously affects the fire rescue situation of high-rise buildings.

The booster pump equipment, as its name suggests, is a fire water supply device for maintaining the working state of the fire water supply system and keep the pressure stable. It is a fire water supply device that uses the fire pump group to increase the pressure of the fire water source and meet the needs of the fire water supply system. ZWL vertical booster pump equipment is popular on in fire water supply and firefighting. It can effectively scientifically customize the volume of fire water storage according to the actual situation of high-rise buildings. It can also set up two booster pumps according to requirements. It can be used in addition to fire rescue and is also suitable for residential daily life in high-rise buildings, air conditioning water supply, boiler constant pressure water supply, or other living water supply, can know the stability of its water supply. ZWL vertical booster pump can be used for a long time or idle, and can be used at critical times.

The fire fighting keys in high-rise buildings are human factors or equipment factors. Your decision to purchase a booster pump is related to the safety of the residents of high-rise buildings!