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XBD fire pump maintenance

1, the fire pumps installation, cables to overhead power lines not too long. Do not allow fire water pump unit cable by force into the water, avoid the power line break. Fire pumps do not sink into the mud, otherwise it will lead to poor motor heat and burn out the motor windings.

2, buy fire pump should pay attention to the model, flow and head. Such as the use of inappropriate specifications will not get enough out of water, you can not play the efficiency of the unit. In addition, it should also find out the direction of rotation of the motor, some types of fire pump water Jieke forward and reverse rotation, but reversed the small amount of water current, which can reverse damage to the motor windings. In order to prevent leakage when the fire pump underwater work caused by electric shock, leakage protection switch should be fitted.

pump maintenance procedures

3, more than usual, check the motor. Found under the lid cracks, rubber sealing ring damage or failure, etc., should be replaced or repaired to prevent water infiltration machine.