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Design considerations of integrated prefabricated pump station

The outdoor drainage design specification stipulates that the volume of the collection tank of the sewage pumping station should not be less than the water output of the larger one. If the specification is to be met, the effective water depth of the proposed pumping station is 3m, and three pumps are installed in the wellbore. Consider a spare pump, In the single wellbore scheme, if the amount of sewage pumping station is larger than the large-scale quantity, multiple sets of wellbore parallel schemes need to be set up.

This regulation is prescribed to prevent the pump from being frequently opened. When the pump is automatically controlled, the pump should not be driven more than 6 times per hour. However, with the advancement of the pump technology and the improvement of the automatic control system, At present, the imported pump can start up to 20 times per hour, and the production pump can reach 10 times, which can greatly increase the scale of the single wellbore and play a positive role in the further promotion and development of the integrated pumping station.

residential sewer lift station design

The use of integrated prefabricated pumping station has brought great convenience to human production and life, and can effectively provide protection to the surrounding environment. Through such a process, the practical value of the pumping station is truly reflected and played an important role. For its use, it should increase its investment, effectively promote it, and embody the advantages of pumping stations in various environmental construction. As the water environment governance enters the late stage of scale, the transformation of water ecosystems and the renewal of water treatment have become hot topics. A large number of large-scale water treatment needs that need to be repaired are constantly surging, and operators that can withstand such demand are also showing a rapid situation of rising water. After the planning and construction of the facilities, there are often problems of heavy construction and light operation, resulting in the sewage treatment effect not meeting expectations.