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What should I do if the pump is cavitation and the temperature of the diesel engine oil is too high?

The cavitation of the pump is caused by the vaporization of water. The so-called vaporization is the process of converting water from liquid to vapor. The vaporization of water has a certain relationship with temperature and pressure. Under a certain pressure, when the temperature rises to a certain value, the water begins to vaporize; if the pressure is reduced to a certain value at a certain temperature, the water will also vaporize. This pressure is called the vaporization pressure of water at this temperature. If, during the flow process, the pressure in a local area is equal to or lower than the vaporization pressure corresponding to the water temperature, the water vaporizes there.

After vaporization occurs, many small bubbles of steam and gas are formed. When the bubble flows along with the water flow from the low pressure zone to the high pressure zone, the bubble bursts under the action of high pressure, and the high pressure water flows to the space occupied by the original bubble at a very high speed to form an impact force. The metal surface is severely damaged by the formation of fatigue under the action of water hammer pressure. Therefore, we have the process of forming, developing and rupturing the bubble so that the material is damaged. The whole XBD fire pump process is called cavitation.

The treatment method of multi-stage fire pump for diesel engine fire pump oil temperature is too high:

1. Before the battery is used for the first time, it should be charged after adding the battery liquid.

2. Check the voltage of the starting battery of the diesel engine every day.

3. After running for a period of time, check whether the packing seal of the pump is worn and replace it if necessary. Check if the grease of the pump is worn out.

4. After running for a period of time, check the silencer and exhaust pipe to remove carbon deposits and prevent sparks.

5. Diesel engine fire pump Pay attention to the heat preservation of diesel engine and water pump in the cold season to prevent freezing of equipment due to low water temperature. The room temperature should be kept above 5 °C.

6. The diesel engine fire pump should periodically check the straightness of the unit, because the foundation sinking, aging, bearing wear, thermal deformation, building structure load changes, etc. may affect the unit straight.

The above is the treatment method for the diesel engine fire pump oil temperature is too high, the fire pump needs daily maintenance and maintenance, and can also extend the service life.