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Fire pump rating,How long can you work continuously?

In the classification of fire pumps, we can often hear low-pressure fire pumps, medium-pressure fire pumps, high-pressure fire pumps, medium and low-pressure fire pumps, high and low pressure fire pumps. These classifications are based on the range of the pressure of the fire pump to withstand the medium pressure. Points.
We know that all things have a certain range of withstand voltage, and if they are out of range, the object will be deformed or not normal. The fire pump is the same, and the pressure range of the fire pump of different materials or different configurations can be different.

According to the rated pressure, the fire pump is divided into low-pressure fire pump, medium-pressure fire pump, high-pressure fire pump, medium and low-pressure fire pump, high and low pressure fire pump. The rated pressure of the low-pressure fire pump should be no more than 1.6MPa; the rated pressure of the medium-pressure XBD fire pump fire pump is between 1.8MPa-3.0MPa; the rated pressure of the high-pressure fire pump is not less than 4.0MPa; the medium-low pressure fire pump can provide medium pressure At the same time, it can also provide low pressure; high and low pressure fire pumps can provide high pressure, but also provide low pressure.

According to the regulations, the fire pump needs to test the multi-stage fire pump to start once a week, no less than 5 minutes (minutes) each time, and the fire pump emergency start fire extinguishing time is not less than 3h (hours).