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What is a horizontal fire pump?

Horizontal fire pump has a wide range of applications. Today, I would like to introduce some knowledge about horizontal fire pump.
Horizontal fire hydrant pump product overview. Horizontal fire pump is used to transport clear water without solid particles and liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. It is mainly used for pressurized water supply of fire fighting system, and also for water supply and drainage of factories and mines. The flowrate range of the conveying liquid is 1.1-220L/s, the pressure range is 0.16-1.58MPa, the matching power range is 0.75-250KW, and the caliber range is 32-350mm.
The main features of horizontal fire pump are as follows:
1. No leakage of dripping water: cemented carbide seals of different materials ensure that no leakage occurs in the transportation of different media.
2. Land occupation is more economical: the outlet can be left, right and upward three directions, which is convenient for pipeline layout and installation and saves space.
3. Easy maintenance: Replacement of seals, bearings and other accessories, simple and convenient.
4. Low noise: The water pump supported by two low noise bearings runs smoothly and has no noise except the weak sound of the motor.

5. Smooth operation: absolute concentricity of pump shaft and excellent static and dynamic balance of impeller ensure smooth operation without vibration.

6. Low failure rate: the structure is simple and reasonable, the key parts are matched by international quality, the whole machine is fault-free, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.