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What are the requirements for the power supply of the fire pump control cabinet?

 At present, most fire pump control cabinets use dual power supply, voltage 380V AC.

In the water supply system of fixed electric fire pump in China, the mode of one (or more) main pump with one (or more) standby pumps and special control cabinet are usually used to control the fire pump.

The traditional fire pump control cabinet is usually realized by multiple intermediate relays and time relays in the secondary circuit. Although the cost of this control method is low, it has many shortcomings such as large number of components, complex wiring and poor versatility, which brings great difficulties to the maintenance and upgrading of equipment for fire pump manufacturers.

With the increasing requirement of fire protection system for fire pump control cabinet, some manufacturers of control cabinets have developed control cabinets with functions of dual power switch, automatic inspection of fire pump and remote control according to customers'needs, which greatly improves the reliability of fire pump control system. Sex and automation.

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