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How should the portable fire pump be used?

 First, prepare the engine

Check the preparations before starting the engine as required by the engine user manual.

Second, the water diverter

Check the oil quantity in the lube oil cup. It should not be enough.

Third, pumps and accessories

Install the water hose, water gun, and properly install the water suction pipe and the water filter at the end. The bend of the suction pipe shall not be higher than the water inlet of the water pump. Install the rubber pad of the suction pipe joint and tighten it to prevent air leakage. The suction pipe water filter should be less than 0.5 m from the water surface and should not be close to the bottom of the pool (or river) to prevent inhalation of dirt. Check that the pump drain valve and outlet valve are closed.

Fourth, the engine starts

Operate the engine according to the requirements of the engine user manual, and the engine should be in an idle state after starting.

Five, water pump water diversion

After the engine starts to idling, increase the engine speed to about 3600/min, push the throttle switch to the high-speed position, open the front switch of the water separator, press the water deflector lever, and make the water deflector rotate to the water outlet of the diverter at high speed to gradually open the water pump. The water outlet valve, the water pump out of the water. Close the diverter switch, release the diversion lever, the diverter stops rotating, and the diversion is over.

Sixth, pump work

After the water pump is diverted, the water pump starts to work. In normal conditions, the water pressure of the pump should be controlled at 0.6 MPa, and the engine speed is about 3,300 rpm, which can be operated for a long time. If the pump needs to stop the water supply, reduce the engine speed, idle, and then close the water outlet valve. When the water supply is needed, open the water outlet valve and increase the engine speed.

Seven, the pump stops the water supply

Stop the operation according to the requirements of the engine user manual, turn off the fuel switch under the fuel tank, open the water pump drain valve, and after draining the remaining water in the pump, close the drain valve and the water pump outlet valve. (especially in cold weather or in areas), when the fire hydrant absorbs water, close the water diversion switch, the water diverter does not draw water, start the engine, and directly absorb water.