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How to maintain the integrated prefabricated pumping station?

 The integrated fire pumping station shall formulate operating procedures for inspection, testing, maintenance and management, and keep the pumping station in a quasi-working state. Maintenance and management personnel should have received professional fire protection training and should be familiar with the principles, performance and operating procedures of fire water supply and pumping stations. The operation of the integrated fire-fighting pump station does not require special personnel to be on duty, but regular inspections and maintenance are required.
The maintenance and management of the daily fire protection integrated pump station shall meet the following requirements:
1. In winter, the indoor temperature and relative humidity of the pump room should be tested every day. The indoor temperature should not be lower than 5℃, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 90%;
2. In winter, the water temperature of the fire water tank should be tested every day, and the water temperature should not be lower than 5℃;
3. Every year, check whether the structural materials of the fire water tank are intact and whether there is water seepage phenomenon. Any problems should be dealt with in time;
4. The fire integrated pump station should check the steel structure and fastening bolts of the pump room for deformation, looseness and rust every year.
5. The fire-fighting water pump should be manually started once a month to run. Before starting the motor, the shaft should be flexible and free from jamming. After the pump is started, the power supply should be checked;
6. The fire water pump should be automatically controlled and started to run once a week, and the inspection record should be made;
7. Check every six months that there should be no cavitation in the fire pump and no leakage at the shaft seal;

8. The water test valve should be opened every quarter to observe the pump speed, water flow and pressure through flow meters, pressure gauges, etc., and should meet the design requirements, the pump shaft temperature rise is normal (<70℃), and the pump runs without abnormal vibration Harmony. Motor power, voltage and current are all normal;

9. Check the grounding performance of the motor every year;

10. The insulation performance of the motor is tested once a year, and the motor insulation is good (more than 0.5 megohm);
11. The start and stop pressure of the stabilized pump and the number of pump start times should be checked every day, and patrol records should be made.