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Maintenance and management of integrated pumping station

 The integrated prefabricated pumping station is now widely used in various sewage and rainwater upgrades. The biggest feature and advantage of this equipment is the short construction period, easy installation and easy maintenance. However, the majority of owners and users often only care about the first two points, just ignore them. The most important maintenance and management.
(1) To use the integrated pump station well to make it work stably, you must first be familiar with the equipment
It is not important to read the manual carefully after purchase to know the equipment specifications, working conditions, and operating essentials. It is also necessary to be familiar with the operating conditions of the equipment, including the opening time of the equipment, operating conditions, and fault judgment and discharge methods. The most important thing is to understand the maintenance and maintenance of equipment
(2) Understand the best operation plan of the integrated pumping station
Generally, the service life of an integrated pump station can reach more than 20 years, but the life of each mechanical equipment or parts inside it is different, and the loss of any equipment or part will affect the overall operation effect. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the completion of water treatment tasks, the ineffective operation of equipment should be avoided.

(3) Maintenance of pumping station
1. Check whether each instrument is normal and stable. Pay special attention to whether the ammeter exceeds the rated current of the motor. If the current is too large or too small, check immediately
2. Check whether the flow of the water pump is normal. When the flow meter is installed, check whether the flow indicated by the flow meter is normal, and the water flow condition of the outlet pipe changes in the water collection well position to estimate the flow.
3. Check whether the pump packing pressure plate is hot and whether the dripping water is normal.
4. Pay attention to the sound and vibration of the unit.
5. Pay attention to the bearing temperature rise, generally not exceeding the ambient temperature of 35℃
6. Check the temperature rise of the motor, stop and check if it is too high.
7. Check whether the water pump and pipeline are leaking.
8. Check whether the water level of the collection well is too low, and whether the grille or water inlet is blocked.
The integrated prefabricated pump station adopts the submersible sewage pump, which has good performance, durability and will not malfunction due to blockage. The engineering installation of the integrated prefabricated pumping station is of great significance to the control of rainwater and sewage discharge, discharge efficiency and quality in low-rain areas. The importance of the establishment of integrated prefabricated pumping stations is becoming more and more obvious.