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What should I do if these failures occur in the integrated prefabricated pumping station put into use?

Integrated prefabricated pumping station is currently a widely used equipment in the water treatment market. With its own excellent product performance and advantages, the pumping station has been used by various sewage treatment projects, municipal pipeline renovation projects, industrial wastewater collection and upgrading projects, agricultural Adopted in water allocation and other fields.
Although there are equipment failures in the operation of the equipment, as such a relatively large-scale equipment, if various problems occur, how do we judge the point of failure and how to deal with it? Bader Technology is a professional pumping station manufacturer. The company has been consulted all year round about various professional problems related to pumping stations. The following Better technology manufacturers will provide you with answers to common faults and causes of pumping stations, so that we can understand Know how to properly repair.

1. The pumping station is noisy
1. The rolling bearing of the sewage pump is jammed;
2. The centrifugal impeller blade is damaged and the rotor dynamic balance is lost, causing vibration;
3. The coupling and the guide rod are loose;
2. Connect the power supply
1. The cable is damaged;
2. Failure of insulation layer and resistor;
3. Switching power supply AC contactor and water pump motor open phase;
Three, the power supply does not work
1. The output switching power supply fails;
2. The hot maintenance line is closed;
3. The water pump pressure switch is faulty;

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