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How to operate the mobile pump?

In reference to mobile pump and mobile flood control pump, everyone should be familiar. It is a long-term reserve equipment for environmental applications such as emergencies, urgent situations, and operational diversity. It is mainly used for flood control and irrigation, drought and emergency rescue, drainage of sewage wells, sewage sludge drainage, emergency repair and drainage, no power supply and drainage, and irrigation and drainage systems in agriculture, cofferdam pumping, alternative rainwater pump stations, temporary water transfer, no fixed pumping stations and no power supply areas.

In fact, everyone knows its role, but do you know how to operate? The following describes the operation methods of the mobile flood control pump.

mobile pump

How to operate the mobile pump:
1. Check if the diesel oil, water or antifreeze is normal, and the battery voltage is normal (24-25v)
2. Is the water inlet connector sealed and air-proof, and the drain valve closed?
3. After everything is normal, it can be started. This machine is divided into two startup modes: manual and controller startup. Manual startup is used as a backup.
4. The pump is used for the first time, the pump body is waterless, and the vacuum assist function of the diesel engine can be utilized. The vacuum water tank moves. Water must be supplied to the vacuum pump for normal use. Before use, open the vacuum pump inlet and outlet valves, and exhaust the water to the pump body, when the vacuum pump drains a large amount from the water tank, the water has entered the pump body.
5. Start the main diesel engine, drain off water successfully
mobile pump
6. If there is a problem with the vacuum assist system, or if there is water in the pump body, or when water is added, the exhaust water diversion function can be achieved and the water can be drained off normally.
7. Note: If the pump is not used for a long time, please drain off all the water in the pump tank and vacuum pump. Or when the temperature is below zero, drain off all water.
8. Please operate the diesel engine, vacuum pump auxiliary, etc for 5-10 minutes within one month, in order to keep it normal to use?