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Urban drainage have difficulties? Emergency rescue mobile pumps help you at the first time!

Urban drainage is a complex system engineering. In addition to strengthening related drainage facilities, it is also necessary to strengthen the construction of emergency response capabilities to tackle the disaster situation in the face of irregular rainstorm climate. Therefore, the introduction of mobile rescue equipment for rescue operations has become one of the programs that can effectively reduce or solve the disaster caused by irregular rainstorms.

If there is no electric drainage in the field, use emergency rescue mobile pumps to solve the problem:

Large drainage flow, agricultural irrigation, flood control, emergency fire protection. Energy-saving portable, dry composite motor, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel impeller, integrated molding, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, diving depth up to 20 meters, stable performance, reliable to use.

One-button start-stop operation control system with diesel engine self-protection (low oil pressure, high water temperature, over speed).

emergency rescue mobile pump

Product application:

The 500-square emergency rescue mobile pump has a flow rate of 500m³/h and head is 8m. Mainly used in emergency flood control and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, municipal drainage and so on. Welcome to purchase a emergency rescue mobile pump!

When choosing an emergency rescue mobile pump, Beide Technology Co., Ltd. is your best choice, Our mobile trailer pumo, which has a large drainage flow range and is widely used in agricultural irrigation, flood control and emergency fire fighting, is a product that customers have always trusted!

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