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Do you really know the mobile diesel engine self priming pump?

The mobile diesel engine self priming pump integrates self priming and non-blocking sewage. It adopts axial reflow and external mixing, and through the unique design of the pump body and impeller flow channel, it can be installed like the general self priming pump without installing the bottom valve and the tank. The water is diverted, and the liquid containing large particles of solid and long fiber impurities can be sucked and drained.

Compared with domestic similar products, diesel engine self priming pump has the characteristics of simple structure, good self priming performance, strong sewage discharge capacity, energy saving, convenient use and maintenance, etc. The mobile trailer pump has good maneuverability, simple operation and wide application market and development prospects.

Dedicated high speed, high performance, high reliability, strong load capacity and low pollution emissions. The pump of the diesel engine pump is a large-flow pump independently produced by our factory. The pump is a new generation of low-maintenance and high-tech pumps that have been developed.

mobile diesel engine self priming pump

Mobile diesel self priming pumps have a wide range of applications:
Industry - water supply system, cooling circulation system
Smelting - water supply circulation system, cooling circulation system
Fire protection - fire hydrant system, sprinkler system, spray cooling system, foam system, water cannon system
Heating - water supply circulation system, cooling circulation system
Municipal - emergency drainage
Agriculture - irrigation and drainage system

Advantages compared to similar products:
1, no need to introduce liquid pump, can arrive the site quickly.
2, allowing air to be delivered separately in a short time
3, self priming 9 meters
4, no blockage, no entanglement, can pass stones, branches, plastic bags and other sundries
5, online maintenance, no need to remove the pipeline, motor / diesel engine