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KDY emergency rescue power mobile pump with trailer

Emergency rescue and conventional maintenance operations have many special features, such as: sudden event, emergency urgency, complexity of work surface, safety of operation, randomness of construction environment, environmental protection of work site, the arbitrariness of time and long working hours... This raises higher and more professional requirements for the corresponding equipment.

KDY emergency rescue power mobile pump with trailer have flexible movement, fast deployment and withdrawal speed, less input personnel, strong adaptability, low labor intensity and fast response speed, which improves the comprehensive guarantee performance of urban disaster relief.

Specific application areas of this equipment include:
1. There is no fixed pump station and no power supply area;
2. Assault flood control;
3. Drought and rescue;
4. Agricultural irrigation, aquaculture;
5. Various temporary pumping occasions;
6. Cofferdam pumping;
7. Industrial, municipal drainage.
KDY emergency rescue power mobile pump with trailer

The equipment can meet the needs of emergency drainage and rescue, and has the function of mobile power; it is equipped with hydraulic support legs to ensure the stability of the whole vehicle during construction work;
The equipment can work normally and reliably, has good ventilation and heat dissipation function; the whole vehicle has a water immersion depth of 600mm, which can meet the rescue work in deep water area; it has the power output function, which can meet the needs of 230/400V electricity; the lighting can meet the need and security during the night operation.