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How to solve the problem of large power consumption of single-stage fire pump ?

What should I do if the power consumption of a single-stage fire pump is large? How to deal with it? The fire pump manufacturer introduces the reasons for the high power consumption of the fire pump, as follows.

1. The water head is lower than the rated value and the liquid is pumped too much. Elimination measures: Consult the manufacturer. Install the throttle valve and cut the impeller.

2. The direction of rotation is wrong. Elimination measures: Check the direction of rotation.

3. The running clearance between the wear rings is incorrect. Elimination measures: Check that the gap is correct. Replace the wear ring of the pump casing and/or impeller as required.

4. Impeller damage. Elimination measures: Check the impeller and replace it as required.

5. The bearing is not properly lubricated or the bearing is worn. Elimination measures: check and replace as required.

6, the speed is too high. Elimination measures: Check the winding voltage of the motor or the steam pressure delivered to the turbine.

7. The shaft is bent. Elimination measures: Straighten the shaft or replace it as required.

8.The rotating parts are killed. Elimination measures: Check that the clearance of the internal wear parts is normal.

9. The stuffing box does not have the correct packing. Elimination measures: Check the packing and refill the stuffing box.

10. The liquid is heavier than expected. Elimination measures: check the specific gravity and viscosity.