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What are the inspections for the fire pump inspection cabinet?

The motor speed is low during fire inspection, and the system does not generate water pressure. During the inspection, the driving power of the fire pump is very small, about one percent of the rated power of the pump motor, so the energy saving is remarkable.

During the whole fire inspection process, if the equipment receives the fire command, the intelligent inspection controller will immediately issue an instruction to stop the inspection, and immediately start the fire pump to complete the fire protection task. A new inspection operation process is started only when the next inspection cycle is reached and no fire incident occurs. During the inspection, if the pump fails, a fault alarm message will be given. When an input overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, output overcurrent, or short circuit occurs, the controller will send an alarm message to the fire center. The result of this automatic fire inspection can ensure that the fire pump will not produce rust and rust, so that the fire water supply equipment "foster a thousand days, use soldiers for a while" becomes a reality. The equipment also has automatic exchange of the main and standby pumps. When the main pump fails, the standby pump is automatically put into operation.

Inspection and system of electrical equipment

1. Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment must be carried out by a special electrician in accordance with the regulations. The replacement of electrical equipment must be carried out by the competent department and the maintenance department.

2. Electrical equipment and wiring should be regularly inspected, and problems should be reported in a timely manner and dealt with in a timely manner.

3. The warehouse of electrical equipment shall be fireproof, explosion-proof and anti-static measures in strict accordance with the requirements of fire protection regulations.
4. Personnel who manage and use equipment should be regularly educated and trained to improve the fire safety knowledge of the personnel involved.