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Integrated prefabricated pump station installation instructions

The integrated prefabricated pumping station is from the planned single row of d2000mm rainwater pipelines. The influent water is connected to the grille to crush the dirt, and then the water is evenly distributed to the three prefabricated pump wells through the water distribution tank. After the submersible sewage pump is lifted, it passes through 3 DN1200mm pipelines. The collection is a DN1800mm pipeline, and a butterfly valve is arranged on the DN1800mm pipeline for maintenance. A moisture-proof well is installed before the discharge to the target location, and a duckbill valve is installed to prevent rainwater from being poured.

Pump and well combination design. At present, the integrated pumping station has a diameter of 4m and a single cylinder of 1.0m³/s. To meet the design scale of 3.0m³/s, it is necessary to set up 3 prefabricated pump wells for the interception. To ensure the safe operation of the pump in the pump well, a grid well is arranged in front of the three prefabricated pump wells, and evenly distributed to the three pump wells through the grid well.

A pulverizing grid is installed in the grille, and 3 submersible pumps are installed in the three prefabricated pump wells (single pump volume 0.33m³/s, head 11.7m, power 73kW), and the rainwater is discharged through the pulverizing grid into 3 prefabricated pump wells. According to the requirements of the construction party, the grid construction and two precast pump wells (pump well 1 and pump well 2) will be implemented in the near future, with a scale of 2m³/s and a prefabricated pump well (pump well 1) in the long run is up to 3m³/s.