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The water pressure test is the fire pump final test

The fire pump is one of the engineering equipment for fire safety protection and one of the more important ones. The performance index and reliability of the fire pump determine the quality and performance of the entire fire protection system.

For this reason, when a fire pump is produced, it needs to pass through layers of tests and tests before entering the user’s hands. Among them, fire pumps often do a lot of tests before leaving the factory, such as water pressure test, water source test, drainage test and so on. Then, I will introduce you to several stages of the water pressure test.

The fire pump water pressure test is generally divided into three stages, which are the zero system pressure test phase, the zero segment test pressure phase, and the zero test point setup phase.

The zero system pressure test phase means that the system pressure test is carried out in the order of the first main pipe, the rear main pipe and the second branch pipe; the pipe test pressure is carried out in stages according to the system, and each area of the fire main pipe is a single unit, The basement of the fire sprinkler branch pipe is a single unit in each area. The concealed and buried pipelines are subjected to a single hydrostatic test before concealing, and the overall hydrostatic test is carried out after the installation of the piping system.

Zero-segment pressure test refers to the determination of water supply points for sub-section pressure test according to site conditions. Generally, the drainage after pressure test should be organized and not contaminated with other pipelines and equipment that have been constructed. When the system is pressure tested, draw the pressure test system diagram first, and set the blind plate and discharge port as required.

fire pump water pressure test
The zero test point setting means that the test point of the hydraulic strength test is set at the low point of the pipe network. Generally, the test pressure is 1.5 times the working pressure and not less than 1.5 MPa. When water is injected into the pipe network, the air in the pipe network should be drained and gradually boosted. After the test pressure is reached, the pressure drop of the fire water supply pipe system within 10 minutes under the test pressure should not exceed 0.02 MPa, and then it should be reduced to work. The pressure is checked and the pressure remains the same to ensure no leakage.

The fire pump water pressure test is one of the common test methods in the fire pump factory inspection. The test details are very clear for the production and sales of professional fire pumps. However, because the buyer is not comprehensive in understanding the fire pump, it is not clear the specific details of the test. To this end, as an old fire pump supplier, Better Technology Co., Ltd. has the responsibility to remind the new and old customers to learn more about the fire pump test details, in order to purchase a proper fire pump!