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Intelligent integrated prefabricated pump station advantage

The integrated prefabricated pumping station is made up of a high-strength GRP glass-reinforced steel cylinder, which is composed of a sewage pump, an auto-coupling device, a variety of pipeline valves, a crushing grid, inlet and outlet, flanges and a control box. It is a good substitute for the old pumping station of traditional concrete steel structure. The advantages of integrated prefabrication:
A. The service life of the integrated prefabricated pumping station is very long, more than double the time of similar sewage treatment equipment, and can reach more than 60 years (because GRP FRP is non-degradable, will not corrode and deform, and the inner wall will not be smooth Attach anything);
B. The prefabricated pumping station has a small volume and can be customized. The diameter is usually two meters and three meters. It can be buried underground. The surface only occupies a few square meters, which saves space.
Prefabricated pumping station technical advantages:
1, small size, but can be used with good effective volume; high degree of integration, true integration;
2. The cylinder body adopts advanced corrosion-resistant material to strengthen the FRP mechanical winding forming or lining special steel coated FRP;
3. The pump pit adopts cfd fluid design, which has good flow, no blockage and self-cleaning function;
4, reliable quality, no leakage, will not pollute the environment; light weight, low cost;
5, equipped with high-quality, high-performance submersible sewage pump, its wide application of sensors to monitor the operation of the pump at all times, greatly reducing maintenance costs;
6, high degree of automation integration, can achieve remote monitoring and management, can also achieve remote data unlimited transmission and automatic generation of running reports and other functions;
7. Safety in use: Its scientific design and configuration greatly reduce the production of highly toxic and malodorous gases and protect the environment;
8. Completely buried installation, without affecting the surrounding environment and landscape after installation;
9. The installation period is short, saving most of the expenses, saving time and effort;
10, one-time investment, low long-term operation cost, obvious energy-saving benefits, and in the case of demolition or occupied land, it can be hoisted twice for secondary landfill reuse;
11. Completely customized, each time according to different projects, pump stations with different diameters and different heights can be designed to meet the needs of various places.