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What are the components of the fire control cabinet?

 For friends who are not familiar with the fire protection industry, the fire control cabinet is indeed a relatively unfamiliar set of equipment. For those who often deal with fire engineering, it is necessary to understand the composition of the fire control cabinet.

There are four main aspects of the fire control cabinet, namely the main circuit, the control circuit, the measurement indicating circuit and the auxiliary materials. These four aspects, the industry generally refers to: "three loops and one auxiliary."

First, the main circuit. It is very important in the composition of the fire control cabinet. It can be regarded as the core part of the fire control cabinet. The main circuit of the fire control cabinet mainly consists of original components such as switches, fuses, contactors and relays. In the process of using the fire control cabinet, we must pay attention to protect the main circuit.

Second, the control loop. It is a key part of the composition of the fire control cabinet. The composition of the control loop is relatively complicated. It is composed of the original switch, button and other originals. The main function of the control loop is to control the entire fire control cabinet.

Third, the measurement indicator circuit. The measurement indication comes back in the fire control cabinet and is used to measure the data. In the measurement indication circuit, it is mainly used to read data, so there are voltmeters, ammeters, electric energy meters, indicator lights, etc. in the measurement indication circuit. In addition to these meters, there are also transformers.

Fourth, auxiliary materials. It is a secondary material compared to other circuits. The auxiliary materials mainly include the casing, the terminal block, the bus bar, and the wires connecting the secondary circuit and the secondary circuit.

The introduction of the fire control cabinet is the introduction of the main circuit, control loop, measurement indication loop and auxiliary materials. These contents need to be understood by everyone, which can help us to use the fire control cabinet better and more skillfully in the future. In use, everyone should carefully understand the operational use and knowledge points in this aspect, otherwise there will be operational errors, and hope that the contents of the fire control cabinet will be helpful to everyone's operation.