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Prefab pumping station can effectively collect rainwater

 With the rapid development of society, the construction of various underground buildings is also increasing, and the supporting pumping station equipment is also changing rapidly with the development of science and technology. The emergence of prefabricated pumping stations not only improves the efficiency of sewage lifting, but also avoids problems such as the odor overflow of traditional sewage lifting equipment and the breeding of mosquitoes and bacteria.
For road rainwater collection, there are often the characteristics of non-concentrated rainwater, irregular time periods, and wide distribution. Prefabricated pumping stations can solve these problems. Since the rainfall is not every day, but it may be continuous rain for a certain period of time, the time distribution is irregular, and the road rainwater is widely distributed, the pumping station plays a good role in the unified collection of rainwater. Most of the rainwater cannot form a free flow, and its sewage system plays a very good role in pressurizing the discharge of rainwater, which promotes the better transport of rainwater to the sewage treatment plant. It also has the function of impurity filtering. The basket grille or crushing grille filters the collected rainwater to avoid the blockage of the pipeline.
The prefab pump station is a highly integrated sewage discharge system, which is composed of sewage pumps, collection tanks, pipes, valves, level gauges and electrical control devices. It collects waste water discharged from sewage pipes and sanitation facilities that are lower than the level of the sewer or away from the municipal sewage pipe network through the collection tank. And to lift and pump it to the urban sewage system, there are a variety of interface options on the box, vertical interface, horizontal interface, connection pump, sewage inlet pipe, ventilation pipe and parallel collection tank.
The pump station is a buried installation method, which can effectively collect rainwater without affecting the appearance of the city. The cylinder is made of fiberglass material with a size of several meters. There are multiple sewage pumps in it, and it is equipped with a grid, The maintenance platform, gas detection and other systems have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, and intelligence. The daily processing capacity is large. It is an ideal choice for road cylinder collection and pressurized drainage.


1. Integrated structure, small footprint, convenient installation and maintenance.

2. After the factory is assembled, it is transported to the site for direct lifting. The customer's installation period is short, which saves the customer's personnel costs.

3. Equipped with advanced intelligent control system, which can realize remote control and detection. No special personnel are required for maintenance, reducing personnel operating costs.

4. All components are processed and assembled uniformly by engineering. Any component that needs after-sales can be directly sought after-sales from the manufacturer, and the various components are highly coordinated to ensure work efficiency and experience.

5. The cylinder body is made of new-type winding glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and compressive strength, not easy to leak, and long service life.

6. ​​Because of its strong sealing, the noise generated during operation is low. Even if it is installed in densely populated residential areas, commercial areas and other places with high environmental requirements, it will not produce noise and various environmental impacts.

       7. For the non-clogging function, equipped with a grille system, the bottom is improved to promote the self-flow of the sewage to form a vortex, to realize the self-cleaning of the bottom of the cylinder, and the sewage pump of the sewage lifting system selects an anti-clogging submersible sewage pump to achieve a greater degree of pollution-free Mud deposition has no clogging function.