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What are the design advantages of integrated prefabricated pumping stations?

With the development of society and the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection has become a hot topic of discussion. Take the water environment as an example, the serious water pollution in various places is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. The concept of pumping station has actually existed for a long time, but traditional pumping stations have many drawbacks, such as: large area, long construction period, easy damage to concrete equipment, difficult maintenance, short life, etc., so they are gradually eliminated. The innovative technology of integrated pumping station meets water treatment needs and is a common equipment for sewage lifting and sewage treatment.
Integrated pumping station is an integrated underground prefabricated pumping station, which is prefabricated in the factory completely according to the specific requirements of customers, and then shipped out after installation. The wellbore of this product is made of customized materials, including pumps, grids, pipelines, valves, instruments, control equipment, and maintenance facilities, etc., to ensure the cost-effectiveness and operational reliability of the system to a large extent. Whether it is in the prevention and control of urban waterlogging, rainwater, sewage collection and treatment, there are many successful operation cases.
Integrated pumping station integrates pumps, pipes, control systems and ventilation systems into a whole, and is prefabricated in engineering, used to lift and transport water media. The main body of the pumping station is composed of cylinders, water pumps, lifting devices, pipes, valves, grilles, liquid level sensors, control systems and ventilation systems. The outer shell is a cylinder, and an inner wellbore is used instead of the internal pipeline. The water pump is installed in the inner wellbore. The water flow enters the cylinder from the water inlet, passes through the rectifier plate at the bottom of the cylinder, and then enters the inner wellbore. The inner shaft is driven up to the water outlet.
Design advantages of pumping station:
Maintain safety:
1. Realize remote control of the start and stop of the water pump, without manual on-site maintenance and operation, and improve the safety rate.
2. Unattended, remote monitoring, saving maintenance costs and high safety performance.
3. The pumping station is equipped with safety ropes, safety grilles, gas detectors, ventilation forced exhaust devices and other safety supporting measures to ensure the personal safety of maintenance personnel.
4. There is a monitoring and management system, no special person is required to maintain the pump station, reducing maintenance man-hours and reducing maintenance risks.
construction safety:
1. Excavation, backfilling, pipeline docking strictly implement the process, and carefully debug the system.
2. Rich experience in the design and construction of deep foundation pits to solve the impact of equipment anti-floating performance and geological changes on the cylinder.
3. Careful construction organization design and rich experience in deep foundation pits save on-site construction time.
4. The main project content is completed in advance in the factory, which greatly saves on-site construction content and time.
5. The construction organization design is scientific, reasonable and thorough, and experienced builders guide the construction on site.