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What are the control methods of the water flow of the submersible pump and the reasons for not pumping?

There are several types of submersible pumps, so different submersible pumps control water flow in different ways. There are oil immersion type, water immersion type and dry type. You must read the instructions before using it. You can't make a mistake. If you don't use it for a long time, you must rotate the impeller before using it, otherwise it will not be stuck for a long time. Burn the pump to death.
Before turning on the pump, the suction pipe and pump must be filled with liquid. After the pump is turned on, the impeller rotates at high speed, and the liquid in it rotates with the blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, it flies away from the impeller and shoots out. The speed of the injected liquid in the diffusion chamber of the pump casing gradually slows down and the pressure gradually increases. Outlet, the discharge pipe flows out. At this time, at the center of the blade, the liquid is thrown around to form a vacuum low pressure zone with neither air nor liquid. The liquid in the liquid pool flows into the pump through the suction pipe under the action of the atmospheric pressure on the pool surface, and the liquid is continuous like this It is continuously sucked up from the liquid pool and continuously flows out of the discharge pipe.
For the use of high-lift submersible pumps, our main purpose is to drain water, so I believe that many of the control of water output and water flow are not understood. Next, I will explain the various adjustment methods of water flow control of submersible pumps.
1. Variable speed adjustment. Changing the speed of the submersible pump can change the performance of the pump, thereby changing the working point of the pump. This method is called variable speed adjustment.
2. Reducing diameter adjustment. After the impeller is turned, the performance of the water pump will change according to a certain rule, so that the operating point of the water pump will change. We refer to the method of turning the impeller to change the working condition of the pump, which is called diameter adjustment.
3. Variable angle adjustment. Changing the installation angle of the blades can change the performance of the pump, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the operating point of the submersible pump. This way of changing the operating point is called variable angle adjustment of the pump.
4. Throttle adjustment. For the water pump device with gate valve installed in the outlet pipeline, if the gate valve is closed for a small amount, local resistance is increased in the pipeline, and the pipeline characteristic curve becomes steeper, and its operating point moves to the upper left along the Q-H curve of the pump. The smaller the gate valve is closed, the greater the increased resistance and the smaller the flow rate. This method of changing the operating point of the pump by closing the gate valve is called throttling adjustment or variable valve adjustment.
1. The reason why the submersible pump does not pump water-the submersible pump vibrates severely

The electric rotor may be unbalanced, or the coupling may be poorly coupled, and the bearing may be worn and bent; it may also be loose or broken in some rotating parts; perhaps because the pipeline support is not firm. Measures such as adjustment, repair, reinforcement, and replacement can be taken separately.

2. The reason why the submersible pump does not pump water-the pipeline leaks or leaks


The nut may not be tightened tightly during installation. If the leakage is not serious, apply cement or cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil on the leaking or water leaking place. Temporary repairs can be coated with wet mud or soft soap. If water leaks at the joint, the nut can be tightened by hand. Serious water leakage must be re-disassembled.

3. The reason why the submersible pump does not pump water-the filler is overheated
Because the packing is too tight, the cooling water cannot enter the packing, or the shaft surface is damaged. Measures can be taken to loosen the packing and clean up the blocked pipe. Packing wear must be replaced with new ones. Soak in the engine oil before installation, install it circle by circle, and stagger the cuts to reduce water leakage. After a ring of packing is installed, the gland should be installed tightly, and then the tightness should be adjusted during operation.
4. The reason why the submersible pump does not pump water-the variable frequency water pump does not absorb or drain water
The reasons are mostly stuck bottom valve, blocked water filter part, high water absorption height or water leakage, it may also be caused by incorrect steering, impeller flow passage blocked, etc. After inspection one by one, measures such as repairing the bottom valve, removing silt, correcting the steering, and cleaning the impeller can be taken.