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How to install a multistage centrifugal pump?

Multi-stage centrifugal pumps mainly install several impellers on the same pump shaft, and the outer side of the impeller is the liquid guide device and the pump casing. It is widely used in high-rise building fire protection, domestic water supply, air conditioning unit circulation and cooling water transmission. If the multi-stage centrifugal pump is not installed carefully, it will cause improper installation and affect the performance of the pump in the future. Next, we will introduce the common installation errors of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps and related solutions.
1. There are many elbows on the inlet pipe
If many elbows are used in the water inlet pipe, some water flow resistance will be added. And the elbow should turn in a straight direction, and it is not allowed to turn in a horizontal direction to avoid gathering air.
2. When the water inlet pipe is installed, the horizontal section is horizontal or upward
Doing so will gather air in the water inlet pipe, lower the vacuum of the water pipe and the water pump, reduce the suction lift of the water pump, and reduce the water output. The correct approach is: its horizontal section should be slightly skewed towards the water source, it should not be horizontal, let alone tilt upward.
3. The water inlet is directly connected to the elbow
This will make the water flow unevenly distributed when entering the impeller through the elbow. When the diameter of the water inlet pipe is larger than the water inlet of the pump, a miter reducer should be installed. Some flat reducers should be installed on the top and some on the inclined surface. Otherwise, the air will be collected, the amount of water will be reduced or the water will not be pumped, and there will be crashing sounds. If the diameter of the water inlet pipe and the water inlet of the pump are the same, a pipe should be added between the water inlet of the pump and the elbow. The length of the straight pipe shall not be less than 2 to 3 times the diameter of the water pipe.
       Fourth, the outlet pipe is above the normal water level of the outlet pool
If the water outlet is above the normal water level of the outlet pool, although the pump lift is added, the flow rate is reduced. If the water outlet needs to be higher than the water level of the pool due to the topographical conditions, elbows and short pipes should be installed at the nozzle to make the water pipe a siphon type and lower the water outlet height.